About us

Akwabaa! Welcome, willkommen, bienvenue! 

Welcome at Africunique. We sell different African products in our webshop. From African fabrics to hair and skin products. Together with partners in Ghana and the Netherlands we also make original products like blankets, shawls, and neck warmers. In all these products we incorporate the fibrant African fabrics.

Since we add new products to our inventory on a regular basis, don't forget to come back sometimes to see what's new ;-)!

We hope you like what we sell, have a look around, order what you want and if you have any questions do not hesitate and send us a message.

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A dream

Africunique is a dream come true. As newcomer in the Netherlands, from warm and colourful Ghana, it wasn't always easy to get settled. What will you do? From day one it was clear to me I wanted to do something with the more visible manifestations of (West-)African culture. The vibrant and colourful wax-print fabrics that dominate Ghana's fashion were my starting point to establish Africunique.

Let's do it!

With confident but also a little nervous I started in April of 2021 with the Dutch version of Africunique.nl. Now in 2023 I am adding the English version Africunique.com for our international customers. Having a business is common to Ghanaians, maybe even all Africans. Perhaps born out of necessity, as paid jobs are scarce, lots of people, and mainly women, start their own businesses. Trade, production, retail and everything mixed together.

Our name

Africunique is a compound word, made from the words Africa, and Unique. Because Africa is unique!

Our logo

Our logo is one of the famous Adinkra symbols named: Funtumfunefu Denkyemfunefu. You can reas more about the Adinkra symbols in one of our blogs.

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See you soon!

Sylvia Blay, owner of Badu African Products / Africunique.com