The traditional African net sponge has been used for centuries in Africa, which is locally known as Sapor. This net sponge is made of nylon that exfoliates. It is environmentally friendly as it is long lasting and hygienic. Once you incorporate this sponge into your shower routine, you will never want anything else!

Instructions for use
To use, first wet your sponge with water and apply a little shower gel or soap. Start exfoliating the desired areas. After use, always rinse with water and hang to dry. Handy: the sponge is long enough so you can easily use it for your back too!

Note: Do not use it on your face.

Look here for an instructional video on youtube!

Benefits our African Net Sponge

  • 100% hygienic
  • Can be used daily
  • Dries quickly and foams easily
  • They help remove excess dirt, sebum and dead skin cells
  • Our net sponges are easy and effectively to reach or clean your back
  • Our African bath sponges will leave your skin feeling soft, refreshed and clean after use
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • We bought our sponges from the local producers in Ghana.

Size :80cm x 30cm

Recommended to replace them after every 2 to 5 years.

What is an African net sponge?

An African net sponge is the African version of an exfoliating bath sponge also called a net sponge. It is a strip to net braided polyester ropes in bright colors. The strip is about 80 cm long and 30 cm wide. All over West Africa, such as in Ghana, you see the African net sponge hanging on clotheslines to dry before the next shower. A new African net sponge can feel a bit stiff but becomes more flexible with use without losing its unique exfoliating qualities.

What are African net sponges made from?

An African net sponge is made of polyester thread woven into a net, just like a fishing net. This is also the origin of an African net sponge, a piece of leftover net used for bathing. Today's African net sponge is of course no longer made from leftover pieces of fishing net but from polyester for hygiene reasons. Thus, African net sponges are now made in all colors of the rainbow.

How do you use an African net sponge?

An African net sponge is used just like a normal bath sponge. During bathing, the African net sponge is lathered heavily with soap. Then the entire body is scrubbed clean with the African net sponge. Due to the structure of the African net sponge, it works extremely well to scrub off all the dirt and sweat from a long day. After a shower using an African you feel reborn and your skin feels silky soft again. I myself could not do without it. Even here in the Netherlands it is wonderful to shower with, while in Africa it is a must. Because of the heat in combination with for example unpaved roads, you get dirty faster. After a long day in heat and dust there is nothing as nice as scrubbing yourself completely clean. In the afternoon you see children everywhere being soaped in a bucket until they are white with soap and then prepared for the evening and night with an African net sponge. All fresh and clean again!

What are the advantages of an African net sponge?

The advantages of an African net sponge are quite simple and straightforward:

  • The price: an African bath sponge is comparatively inexpensive. In fact, its lifespan is almost infinite.
  • The structure: it effectively and easily scrubs away all the dirt and dead skin cells. As a result, you don't need an additional scrub, for example. The African net sponge does all the work!
  • Quick dry: because of this always quick and easy to take back with you when you travel.
  • Compact: the African net sponge takes little space, whether you are at home or traveling you will always find a place for it.
  • Handy: the African net sponge is easy to use but also easy to hang up somewhere.