September 2023

Winter is coming! Get that warm scarf soon ;-)

Cold days, bleak nights. We all know it, you're waiting for the bus or train to go to work and it's cold. Nothing like a warm scarf around your neck to keep the cold away. And what could be better than a handmade scarf of warm teddy fleece combined with the most beautiful prints of African fabrics from our shop?

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Durags: A brief history of a timeless accessory

Durags, also known as do-rags, are an iconic fashion accessory that have been around for decades. Worn by both men and women, they have become an integral part of the fashion and style world. But what exactly is a durag? Where does it come from? What purpose does it serve? Let's take a look at this timeless accessory and its history. If you're up on the latest fashion trends, you've probably heard of durags. This unique hair accessory has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! Whether you're a fan of wearing durags or just curious about what they are and how to wear them, this blog post will teach you more about the history and cover all the basics. Read on to learn more!

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Dashiki: A brief history of the iconic dashiki

The dashiki has become a symbol of African pride, worn around the world. It is easily recognized by its bright colors and simple lines. But few people know that there is an interesting history behind this iconic garment. In this article, we will explore how the dashiki became a statement piece for African culture.

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The sizes of African fabrics

African fabrics are sold in lengths of 6 yards (sometimes 12 yards). An unusual unit of measurement for Europeans because the metric system has long been used here. However, several parts of West Africa, such as Ghana and large other parts of Africa, have long been colonized by the United Kingdom. In UK, people measure and count in miles, yards, feet and inches.

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