Moisterising Body Oils

Item number: VBO-01

Our moisturising body oil is a blend of plant based oils rich in nutrients that function together to hydrate, nourish and give you a healthy radiant appearance. This body oil is formulated with lightweight oils which are non-greasy and will quickly absorb into your skin. It will leave your skin smelling amazing and moisturises all day long.


Size : 250 ml/8 oz 



  • Help soothe and nourish dry or irritated skin.
  • Leave the skin feel smoother and more supple.
  • Promote healthy skin.
  • Help reduce the appearance of scars and spots.
  • Leaves skin smelling amazing all day.



Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E oil and fragrance oil


         Directions to use

After shower, apply a few drops of body oil into your palm and massage it onto damp skin then follow up with body butter/cream to lock in the moisture or use alone.


Warning: Please, this product is made to use on the external parts of your skin only!

We recommend you to do a patch test first before use. We use all biological natural oils but if the product causes irritation please discontinue use or consult your doctor.