The sizes of African fabrics

Published on 2 September 2023 at 09:58

African fabrics are sold in lengths of 6 yards (sometimes 12 yards). An unusual unit of measurement for Europeans because the metric system has long been used here. However, several parts of West Africa, such as Ghana and large other parts of Africa, have long been colonized by the United Kingdom. In UK, people measure and count in miles, yards, feet and inches.

Thus, many African countries, at least in daily life, still use these units of measurement. Fabric manufacturers serve the customer in a way that makes it easiest for them to work with these.

But then why 6 Yard?

From a 6 yard piece of fabric you can make a complete outfit consisting of skirt, top, kerchief, and shawl. Pretty easy, and of course, like with us, you can buy less at the market with the minimum unit being one yard.

Want to know how much fabric you get for a yard? Check this size chart for lengths and the product description of each fabric for the specific width. These are between 114 cm and 120 cm depending on the brand.

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